Introduction to the API.
Important information for working with the API.
Communication formats, production and test environments and authentication.

API Methods
Description of REST API methods and endpoints for creating and editing shipments. Print labels, get status information. Examples of requests and responses.

Carriers and lists
Marking and specification of carriers, transport and ancillary services. Terminology and overview of all identifiers used in Štíteknabalí API and CSV import.

List of questions and answers most frequently asked by customers. We recommend reading it before integrating the Štíteknabalí API.

Do you know that...

The Štíteknabalí API unifies all carriers into a single system?
With just one integration, you get the full range of carriers and their shipping and ancillary services with the help of dials!
Why integrate several systems when you only need one?

Change Log

The changes are ordered from the most recent changes to the oldest


PlatformKey Support

We've added a platformKey parameter to the deliveries/POST method to better identify the connection API provider. platformKey only applies to developers add-ons, CMS and WMS systems.


Improvements to collection protocols

We have added the ability to request a protocol only for specific deliveries to the collection-protocols/POST method.


We have extended APIdoc to include English

Your English-speaking colleagues can now also read the documentation. The language switcher is located on the right side in the top navigation.

Older logs can be found in this section.

Don't have an API registered?

You can get OAuth API access by registering an OAuth client.
Or you can generate a basic token in the Štíteknabalí settings.